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AllegroBASIC is a classical BASIC dialect which let you code your own little programs with emphasis on drawing graphics primitives. It uses the extremely powerful MY-BASIC interpreter provided by Wang Renxin. The source code can be found here: MY-BASIC on Github

As the name implies AllegroBASIC also uses the Allegro game development library. It is used in Version 4+ which is already an obsolete version. But don’t worry, I am porting AllegroBASIC to SDL2 at the moment which will be named PulsarBASIC . It will be almost compatible, so you can “play” with AllegroBASIC in the meantime.

There are some limitations, to avoid numerous dependencies:

System requirements

AllegroBASIC is available for Windows 32 bit and Linux 64 bit operating systems. Windows should be version Vista or later.
On Linux you must install via your package manager the Allegro 4.4 runtime libraries.

sudo apt-get install liballegro4.4


I recommend to read Wang’s excellent documentation on MY-BASIC .
Besides of that I implemented some graphical functions which are listed in the keywords.txt file.
Attention: Don’t use PRINT nor INPUT on Windows systems at the moment. Your program will crash if distributed as a binary.


Extract the archive into any directory. The default is AllegroBASIC . If you’ll use the editor start AllegroBASIC[.exe] . If allegrobasic[.exe] is in the same directory you can load a script and directly execute it. Apart from that you’ll have to point to the exectuable file via the options menu.


Version 0.7

Version 0.6

Screenshots of editor and samples